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Parenting Support Programme



To address the challenges facing parents and families through various programmes.


Provide families with information, guidance and counselling on parenting and other family related matters. Raise the level of awareness of the   importance of responsible family life in National Development through education programmes. Deliver quality childcare to children aged three months to four and a half years of age, and provide support and guidance to their parents.


A five week programme aimed at enhancing the ability to; Implement effective consequences to curb unwanted behaviours and encourage desired behaviours Communicate effectively with child and other care providers (co-parent/extended family/teacher) Promote self-care and enhance coping abilities.

Effective Consequences: The importance of discipline, rewards and punishments. 

  1. Examine the positive aspects of reward-based parenting vs. punishment-based parenting
  2. Develop positive reinforcement techniques and skills
  3. Instructions in the various tools of discipline
  4. Develop use of behaviour modification plans

Effective Communication: Parent to child and parent to other care providers (co-parent/ extended family/ teacher)

  1.  Learn communication skills that work for children at various stages of development
  2.  Identify the barriers of communication
  3.  Learn to listen before you lecture
  4. Recognise how you can bring your child’s creativeness and personality out through conversation 

Self-Care: Enhancing coping mechanisms "you cannot pour from an empty cup".

  1.   Recognise triggers and signs that lead to being out of control
  2.   Develop skills to discipline yourself as a parent
  3.   Identify and develop helpful social support systems
  4.   How to avoid burnout



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